Birth Doula

The word "doula" comes from ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves."

A doula is a non-medically trained person that is an educational, emotional and physical support, before pregnancy, during labor and shortly after birth. 

Research shows that women who use a birth doula are:

  • less likely to need Pitocin

  • less likely to have a cesarean birth

  • less likely to use any pain medication

  • more likely to rate their childbirth experience positively


(Source: DONA International Website)

Why I Dou-la


As a Certified DONA Doula (CD(DONA)) I have a true passion for women and infant health. I personally wish I had known about doula services when I delivered my children. The continuous support while in labor would have been so beneficial to understanding what part of labor I was in and different comfort measures I could have used. 


As an active doula I have placed into practice different comfort measures for mom during labor. Focusing on helping mom correct a malpositioned baby with position changes of mom, as well as different relaxation methods to get mother and birth partner through labor and delivery. I also can provide support for a mother that wants an epidural or has a scheduled cesarean. Whatever you dream birth looks like, I can help you get there.


There is a misconception that doula's only are necessary for women wanting drug free labor. That is not true. I will affirm, educate and support you in any outcome of your birth. 


I believe Doulas for ALL!


Initial Interview

An opportunity to meet and interview me to see if I am the right doula for you. Please contact me to set up an interview.

Birth Doula Package

The Birth Doula Package Includes:

2 Prenatal Appointments

On call 24/7- Starting 2 weeks before due date

Consistent support during labor and delivery

1 Postpartum appointment



Disclaimer: Doula services are not endorsed by The Creighton Model of FertilityCare System or NaProTECHNOLOGY. The use of both doula services and the FertilityCare™ System is not necessary.