• Lindsey

Mini Raccoons

This morning has started off with a roar. My FertilityCare clients know today is my 12 hour working day. So the emails and texts flood in. All while I set up meetings, file paperwork, send out materials and do basic office functions.

Kyle has worked the last 2 nights (12 hour shifts) at his new ICU job. He works tonight as well.

Today is really the day I could use 4 hours of daycare. But I make it work. My husband is trying to sleep in this loud house. Doc McStuffins and kitchen utensils serve as my babysitter. A task that should take me 5 minutes now takes me 15 minutes. Someone needs a drink a snack or get a finger unpinched /followed by kisses. I'm trying to figure out when to make lunch because my first client is at 12. I need to get Max down for her nap before my online appointment.

This week is particularly harder because Kyle is MIA. So I'm pretty much single mom-ing it over here while working 2 part-time jobs. Plus it the fourth of July week. I need to make desserts and we have family friends coming for a visit.

I need to hurry up and get this blog done and stop the tiny children I have from destroy my house like a pack of mini raccoons.

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