• Lindsey

Why So Serious?

As an 18 year old from Nottawa, Michigan I never imagined I would be where I am today. 31 Mother of 2 children. Stay at home mom. Part-time Funeral Director/Embalmer, Part-Time FertilityCare Practitioner, Part-Time Birth & Bereavement Doula.

I do own my own businesses, it's mostly so I can complain about my current boss. She's a work-a-holic that likes to help people at some of the highest emotional times/events in their lives.

She's. . . unique that's for sure.

In high school, I was nominated as Class Clown. I am so happy for that honor. :)

One of my friends, who I consider a flower child/ hippie while having a beer at the local Applebees before I had children, that I have the personality of a Mother.

How might you say am I both a class clown and a mothering personality? I don't really know, but I am. I can be cracking jokes one minute and talking calm and collected to get through a contraction the next minute. The Nitrous Oxide helps with the laughter in labor too.

Sometimes awkward conversations happen, the best motto is get through it. Just throw it all out there, we are all adults. In my FertilityCare business, I get so personal with clients that laughter is always welcome. Too be too serious sometimes is way too heavy.

Other times it starts off serious. In funeral service, sometimes we are the ones that are asked the hard questions and have to place words delicately and respectfully, but also speak the truth. Honesty is a hard thing to come by in a world of sugar coating.

Life is meant to be full of both Joy and Sadness. The Disney movie, Inside Out, starts off with Joy for the newborn baby, then Joy is quickly joined by Sadness. If you haven't seen it you should check it out. That is my knowledge base for this blog posting. I'm a stay at home mom, what do you expect?

I'm seriously serious about helping people. In funeral service/bereavement doula services/Sub/Infertility Clients, it is when they are going through unimaginable grief. When it's Birth Doula/ FertilityCare Practitioner work it's joy. I'm serving through thick and the thin. Seriously.

I always tell people, "If I can help this much (showing an inch measurement in between my index finger and thumb) that's all that matters."

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