St. Joseph Valley FertilityCare™ Center 


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The Group Introductory Session is an online or in office visit usually with other clients/couples in attendance. The Introductory Session is a 90 minute presentation to the Creighton Model System. All Clients wishing to learn the Creighton Model need to attend an Introductory Session. After attending the Introductory Session the client can decide if they wish to start charting. The client will take home materials and begin chart the next day! Registration is required.

Group Introductory Session- $35

Private Introductory Session- $60

Beginning Client Material- $45


The Follow-Up appointments are critical to learning the Creighton Model. These are private appointments with the client/spouse and your practitioner. In these appointments we tailor-make the Creighton Model to you & your specific situation. Whether you are trying to achieve a pregnancy, avoid a pregnancy or monitor your fertility. Charting has many benefits including treating underlying gynecological issues, such as hormone imbalances, endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome to name a few.  

Typically there are 8 Follow-Up appointments in the first year.

Follow-Up Appointment- $60 each.


We conduct Pregnancy Evaluations on all pregnancy's that occur while using the Creighton Model. We do this to help date the pregnancy so when know when conception occurred. The Creighton Model due date is accurate to plus or minus 1.65 days.

This is a free service.


Online instruction to the Creighton Model is available.

Please contact me for details. 


Interested but still need information? Contact me via email and we will set up a 10 minute conversation to see if the Creighton Model is right for you.