SJV Lactation

When I had the opportunity to add lactation to my business, I didn't hesitate. Even being 8 months pregnant, I signed up. I have always dreamed of breastfeeding my children. I have struggled from the start with latch and painful nursing sessions. With my first two children, I suffered from multiple rounds of infections and other breastfeeding discomfort. Which lead to much shorter breastfeeding journeys than I had hoped. When my third was born I was so passionate about the perfect latch, pain free! Multiple trips to lactation and no relief. I then entered the world of Exclusive Pumping. There are so many different pumps, flanges and items you can purchase, but what really works for you? That's where I come in, I have many breast pumps to see in my office. It helps you choose which pump is best for you. I also have the two main handsfree breast pumps (Willow & Elvie) for clients interested in these pumps to see them before purchasing. I also have a wide range of flanges and offer flange sizing for your most comfortable pumping experience. We can also discuss pump schedules and for breastfeeding moms that are returning to work how to incorporate the time away and not loose supply. 

SJV Lactation is here to help no mater where you are in your lactating journey. 

I offer in person and online appointments. Please contact me.

Breastfeeding 101 Class

Basics to Breastfeeding Presentation before birth of baby,

Q & A

(Approximately 1 hour)

After baby is born (First few days), feeding session observed in person or online to assess. 

(Approximately 1 Hour)


Breastfeeding Assessment

Feeding session observed in person or online

(Approximately 1 hour)


Exclusive Pumping 101

Exclusive Pumping Information Session

Breast Pump Hands on Museum

(Get to know some breast pumps I have in office)

(Willow, Elvie, Symphony, Sonata, Spectra S1, Medela PISA)

Flange sizing

(Approximately 1.5 hours)


Flange Fitting

Flange fitting for the most

comfortable pump session